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“...noirish and bluesy…The writing and singing are top-tier, we’re looking forward to this project.” — Craig Havighurst (WMOT Roots Radio)

"I’ve had '5 O’Clock Shadow' stuck on repeat in my head every day since watching the video. It’s hauntingly beautiful. ...Powerful stuff." — Shilah Morrow (WMOT Roots Radio, 14 Inch Fringe Creative)

“Intimate, heated, and achingly heartfelt ... a stunning debut.” — Atwood Magazine





No Depression “Now Hear This” selection for March 24, 2023

“Singing-songwriting duo Amie Miriello and Vanessa Olivarez have … redacted the traditional roles of women in music and etched-in their own manifesto to create a Boys Club for Girls in its place. … From fiery, thumping bangers to subdued serenades, there is a song for anyone in [Boys Club for Girls’] 11 tracks.” — American Songwriter


“Superb two-part harmonies from Amie Miriello and Vanessa Olivarez complementing quality country/Americana songs.” — Saving Country Music

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